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Teacher and Student
Teacher and Student

Student with Tablet
Student with Tablet

Teacher Assisting a Student
Teacher Assisting a Student

Teacher and Student
Teacher and Student

Individual Success: 
Improvement in academic and SELF!
  • The ultimate goal is to encourage and support students with learning differences as they acquire the skills, self-knowledge, and strength of character they need to be successful. 

  • We celebrate all movements toward a student's individual success.  This enables students to realize and fulfill their academic, social, and emotional potential.

  • All academic goals and self outcomes are clear and measurable for the student to see their improvements.

Customized Learning 
  • Our learning program is a customized, team-based approach. We come alongside each student to identify academic skill deficits, build self-awareness, and self-advocacy.

  • As each student moves through their individualized learning objectives, we are helping the student identify successful benchmarks.

  • Celebrating this encourages each student to move forward into their new capacity and to employ new skills independently to tackle more demanding tasks. 

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning
  • Students learn best in an atmosphere where continuous communication and support exist among parents, students, teachers, and the community.

  • Students are encouraged to find their ways of learning without fear of failure. Without the fear of failure, students will study and learn more. 

  • ​Our teachers and students must teach and learn in an environment that empowers them to do their best.


Exceptional Teaching Staff and Therapist
  • Our team is exceptionally passionate about helping Rules 4 Life student's success.

  • Each staff member is a competent professional with in-depth knowledge of research-based best practices.

  • All staff members are licensed and maintain the highest level of certification. 

Interested Student
Helping a Student